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A podcast amplifies your expertise and grows your influence – but few leaders have the bandwidth to create consistently. TalkLab makes podcasting frictionless by handling planning, studio production and promotion for you.

Bring what makes you special. Leave the rest to us.

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Turnkey Creation

TalkLab brands your show, promotes and even schedules guests. You do you. Let us sweat the rest.

Social Delivery

Audio for their commute. Video for social networks. If your audience is there, you’re there for them to find.

Digital Promotion

TalkLab distributes to all major platforms, then runs ads to grow your audience. Get found. Get heard. Make an impact.

More than a microphone.

Here's how TalkLab podcast creation works.

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Develop and brand your show. Pre-produce individual episodes, book guests and line up visuals for each conversation.


Record in a low-stress, low-hassle space. Have fun. Capture both audio and video. Edit for multiple platforms.


Distribute to both audio-only platforms and audio/video feeds. Maximize impact through paid ads and word of mouth.

What does it take to launch a podcast?

Book a time with Jimi Allen.

Hosting a 15-minute LinkedIn podcast boosts your industry authority and personal brand by delivering concise, valuable content to busy professionals. It fosters community, enhances visibility, and opens networking opportunities, efficiently leveraging LinkedIn's professional network for engagement and growth.

Book a video meeting with TalkLab founder, Jimi Allen with questions or to schedule a slot to record your first show.

If you'd rather just call Jimi, go ahead : 1 (630) 788-1348

Production Details.

Options for Recording only. Episodes are multi-camera recorded and edited for posting online.

If you’d like TalkLab to post or promote or syndicate your episodes please ask how we can do this for you.

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Episode Bundles | Tiered Pricing

  • 48-session package: $500 per
  • 24-session package: $600 per
  • 12-session package: $700 per
  • Single Session Walk-in: $800 per
  • Full-stack member package: $400 per (Complete marketing support packages)

Additional Services (Available Upon Request)

  • Pre Production Services (Episode Topic Ideas, Scripting, Guest Bookings)
  • Distribution of podcast episodes across multiple platforms
  • Marketing and promotion of podcast episodes
  • Editing clips for social media distribution
  • Analytics and feedback on episode performance
  • Full Stack Marketing Bureau Gravity subscription (starting at $5,000/month)

Episode Bundle Includes

  • State-of-the-art production
  • Editing of episode(s) for audio and video quality
  • Delivery of a polished, broadcast-ready podcast episode
  • Recording Flexibility - Schedule multiple recordings in a day
  • Customizable to your availability (e.g., 4 sessions weekly, 2 sessions bimonthly)


  • Professionally recorded and edited podcast episodes
  • Episodes edited and formatted for distribution on an agreed platform


  • 60 min. recording session